Burnaby Home Inspections

Burnaby Home Inspections

Burnaby Home Inspections

In our 25+ years of experience inspecting homes in the lower mainland, we have come across many Burnaby Home Inspections. These are specialty homes, which often have very historic elements. It is extremely important for a qualified inspector to investigate the individual situation of the home for safety, value and ideal maintenance schedules. Rich Richardson takes special keen interest in working on Burnaby Home Inspections. Home Inspector Rick Richardson particularly likes working in this area.

Burnaby Home Inspections is one of our top specialties. We have received special certification for the types of homes, and consider them a very specialized type of inspection. Burnaby Home Inspections, from a licensed Vancouver character home inspector.

Rick Richardson is a character home enthusiast, who lives in the Greater Vancouver area. It is important to select a home inspector with a history and experience in the area that your character home is. Every location is different, and Rick Richardson will gather location specific research to get a full understanding of the area before he arrives to any given job.

Burnaby Home Inspections

“Burnaby is a wonderful city. From the SFU area, down to the Crest area, it is a truly fresh and enjoyable location. I enjoy working with a wide variety of Burnaby Home Inspections.”

– Rick Richardson

Depend on Arbutus Home Inspections for unparalleled services on your precious home. We have 25+ of hands on experience delivering comprehensive reports and analysis on the current status of a home before buying or selling.

Burnaby Home Inspections

We deliver timely results, always within budget. It is our commitment to excellence that divides us from the rest of the pack. Arbutus Home Inspections has become a household name for home inspection in all of the lower mainland, but we take special interest in Burnaby Homes. The certification acquisition process is intensive, our representatives engage frequent training and courses to develop skills and stay at the top of our craft.

We have accreditation with the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia http://hiabc.ca/ and Consumer Protection British Columbia https://www.consumerprotectionbc.ca/

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